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Franco Clears Waivers

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A bit of old news here but still worthwhile to report. Soon to be 49-year old first baseman Julio Franco cleared waivers and has accepted an assignment with class-A Rome. The plan is just to get him a in a couple games a week so that he can stay in shape. He has been told he will be called up September first, which would also make him eligible for the playoff roster. Sending him to Rome is just a matter of convenience so that the veteran firstĀ  baseman will not have to deal with going all the way to Richmond with long bus rides for the team and Bobby Cox said he'll have the option to play for Myrtle Beach for a couple days if he would like to take his family to the coast. The team has not said he will take on a player-coach role like Eddie Perez did last year, but you just get the feeling that the bench is where he is headed down the road.

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