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Hudson loses!

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Urgh. It was ugly -- even Hudson is incapable of winning a game now as the Braves ship starts to slip beneath the surface of the proverbial baseballing ocean that is a team's playoff hopes. The Braves scored runs in the 2nd, 3rd and 3th innings and had numerous other opportunities but could only muster four runs all evening. They left 12 men on base and had numerous chance to convert more bases into runs but took none of them. Hudson was sharp through four but imploded in the fifth, allowing 5 runs to score off of three singles, a bunt and a Scott Rolen double. I actually blame Escobar who bumbled a routine double play with only a couple of runs on the board. The Braves looked as though they could rally in the 9th and managed to get men on second and third but Jones struck out. Yes, Andruw not Chipper. I'm depressed.

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