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Plowing through the NL West.

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Earlier this week it was the Giants, now it is the Diamondbacks. Yes, half the NL West is in town for its annual tour of Tuner field. Tonight the Braves take on the Diamondbacks and the Braves have their ace ass on the mound as Cormier and his robust 13.77 ERA take on Webb's 2.77 mark. It's almost as if Bobby has given this one to the Snakes. And rather than waste a few innings of a Buddy Carlyle, who might just win you a game or two, Bobby has made sure the chances of that happening are zero. Saying that watch my being proved wrong on this! This is reverse pyschology in action. This thread had a dual purpose. Obviously I wanted to introduce tonight's game against undoubtedly the hottest team in the National League. The D-backs are possibly the hottest team in baseball right now but I think the Yankees would give them a hammering, so we'll settle for the National League. The other thing I wanted to say was sorry for the lack of posts in recent days. Please bear with us but Will has gone on holiday (doesn't he realize it is the baseball season?) as has Kristi (ditto), which leaves me holding fort. Unfortunately fort for me right now is Africa, where Internet is sporadic and slow, at best. I'll try my hardest. Either way normal service will be resumed by the middle of next week but I should be able to keep on top of things over the next couple of days.

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