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What has the Tex deal done to the Braves' farm?

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I just wanted to point you to our sister site "Baby Braves", as Zach Jett has a great breakdown of what the deal means for the Braves' farm system. Here is Zach's conclusion:
So where does this leave our organization depth? Does it deplete our system as some would argue? I would argue that it does only minor damage to our organizational depth. We no longer have a top notch catching prospect, but who does? Brayan Pena and Clint Sammons look like great back-ups and McCann will be holding down that position for years anyways. I’ve already addressed our shortstop depth which will remain very deep. Our pitching is going to take the biggest hit although losing Feliz really shouldn’t hurt our depth. There are still a ton of great arms in Danville including Cole Rohrbough and Jeff Locke. Like I said earlier, losing a starting pitcher will hurt more than anything but we’ve had some great pitching drafts recently so I feel confident that our starting pitching pool will be fine. It will be years before we find out what kind of players these guys will be but I applaud John Schuerholz for going out and making a move in a time when prospects are generally overvalued
I sorta agree although I think the Salty would have made an adequate first baseman, though not as good as Texiera. For me this deal works is we get to the postseason either this year or next and Salty doesn't become a superstar player. As Zach says it will take a couple of years to find out for sure!

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