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2008 Braves Bullpen: Tyler Yates

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Tyler Yates is a guy, who I think takes a lot of heat for his lackluster year when a bunch of that rests squarely on the shoulders of Bobby Cox. Although he finished off the year with a 5.18 ERA in 66 innings, overuse is what really got the best of the hard-throwing righty. Through the first three months, Yates compiled a 3.06 ERA in a total of 37 appearances with 35 strikeouts and 15 walks. In July, he was used 14 times from the pen, including a string of five games in six days. His command really suffered as he allowed almost one walk per inning and he finished with a 12.60 ERA that month. After another strong month in August, Yates again struggled in September. He posted a 7.18 ERA during the final month of the season, however his peripherals were basically normal, so I'd say we can chalk that one up to bad luck. Yates is a candidate to get non-tendered or traded this off-season, however he should be able to enjoy success next year if Bobby doesn't have to turn to him every game. Out of all the players, I'd think that Yates would have been the most happy with the Glavine signing because he was definitely the most affected victim of bullpen overuse last year. The right-hander has mediocre command like many relievers, however with a mid-90's fastball and mid-to-high-80's slider, he has developed into a trustworthy power arm out of the Atlanta pen. I'd really hate to see Cox's faults drive him out of town because he really is a pretty good reliever.

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