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Jones Injures Shoulder

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Got a couple notes from Dave O'Brien's latest blog.
  • Brandon Jones injured his shoulder while diving for a ball in the Mexico. He has returned home and will be examined by team doctors, however that is just a precaution and the Braves are almost certain that it is not serious. Frank Wren also said that Jones will play a "prominent" role on next year's team. Sorry Matt Diaz.
  • Clint Sammons, Brayan Pena, and Corky Miller are all possibilities for the backup catcher job next year if the Braves don't bring in a veteran. They've had their eye on Damian Miller and to a lesser degree, Sal Fasano (wouldn't that mustache look good in a Braves uniform?). Pena is the surprise here as he seemed to fall out of favor as a catcher after struggling defensively at the start of last season. He played primarily at first base, third base, and in left field with Richmond.
  • O'Brien debunked his own rumor that the Braves were interested in Reggie Willits, saying that the info he received was either incorrect or circumstances have changed since then. However the Braves are still interested in Chris Duffy to a small extent, although his injury history is scaring them away a bit.

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