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2007 payroll about $80M

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After paying out close to $90 million in 2006, the Braves said goodbye to a few multi-million dollar players (Thomson, Giles, Reitsma, Sosa, Ramirez) and are currently set to pay something close to $80 million. This is thanks in part to Mike Hampton being healthy -- he's still making his millions, but we don't have to pay anyone else to pitch while he sits -- and also to Chipper Jones' restructuring his contract last year.

These numbers are not official, so take them with a grain of salt... and with the notes I have included below.

SP Mike Hampton$14,500,000
SP Tim Hudson$6,000,000
SP John Smoltz$8,000,000
SP Kyle Davies$333,350
SP Chuck James$327,000
RP Bob Wickman$6,500,000
RP Mike Gonzalez$2,350,000
RP Rafael Soriano$1,200,000
RP Oscar Villarreal$960,000
RP Tanyon Sturtze$785,000
RP Lance Cormier$345,000
RP Blaine Boyer$336,000
RP Macay McBride$332,000
C Brian McCann$333,350
C Brayan Pena$327,000
1B Craig Wilson$2,000,000
2B Chris Woodward$850,000
3B Chipper Jones$11,000,000
SS Edgar Renteria$9,000,000
IF Pete Orr$340,000
IF Willy Aybar$327,000
OF Andruw Jones$13,500,000
OF Jeff Francoeur$384,500
OF Ryan Langerhans$345,000
OF Kelly Johnson$336,000
OF Matt Diaz$330,000
OF Scott Thorman$327,000

Sturtze's salary includes a $35K incentive for making the 25-man roster. He can earn up to $45K more in incentives based on appearances as a starter or reliever.

Craig Wilson can earn a maximum of $525K in incentives for up to 500 plate appearances.

No signing bonuses or other incentives are included.

For lack of official 2007 information, some sub-$400K salaries are from 2006.

Because of that lack of data, I have included 27 players on this list. The extra $650-700K should be close to the difference in last year's and this year's salaries.

Also, Bobby Cox is one of the highest-paid managers in baseball. He'll make $3 million in 2007.

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