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Braves Offering Davies for Dotel

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Update:  Mark Bowman has a new take on the situation, reporting that an American League source says there is no validity to the reports that are saying the two teams have basically reached an agreement. The source also said Schuerholz would not be able to go into serious discussions until after the trade for Teixeira is finalized, which Texas still needs to OK. All signs point to someone jumping the gun with false info. It would seem the Braves are still the favorites to land the veteran reliever though. Update: Apparently the hold up is that the Braves are waiting until the Teixeira. The medical records aren't supposed to be a problem moving forward and they are probably working on it now or may have finished. Either way, the deal is not done and there is still a chance for a team to sneak in with a better offer. If all goes as planned though, we should hear fairly early tomorrow or later tonight as to whether the Dotel deal is official. Update: Wait just a second boys and girls. Conor Nicholl of royals.com is now reporting that the deal has not been agreed upon and is just an option. MLBTR says he was seen shagging fly balls in the outfield before tonight's game, which usually doesn't happen if a player has been traded. We were hearing before that Dayton Moore took Kyle Davies over Wladimir Balentien, which may not be true if this is right (I'd take Wlad over Davies any day). I'll update as soon as I hear anything. The second big mid-season trade is reportedly a done deal. Sources had said the deal was close to being done and now Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Braves have swapped right-handed starter Kyle Davies for right-handed reliever Octavio Dotel, who has spent the season closing for the Kansas City Royals. The report is very brief because obviously all the details of the trade are not out yet. For giving up that much, it would be nice to see the Royals pick up next year's option if Dotel chooses to exercise it. Dotel, 33, has eleven saves and a 3.91 ERA with 29 strikeouts in 23 innings pitched. The ERA is likely to go down with a better defense playing behind him and with him moving out of the toughest division in baseball. Dotel's main pitch is a nasty fastball and fortunately he can bring the qualities of left-hander to the pen as he is much tougher against batters hitting from the left side. He is signed through the end of this year with a $5.5 million player option for next year, which the team can void. As I said before, I certainly hope that the Royals picked up at least a bit of this option cost in the deal, if Dotel chooses to exercise it. The real question everyone is wondering is whether he will take over for Bob Wickman in the closer's role. I read something after Wickman's struggles once saying that Soriano was not the closer because he had the ability to come in with runners on and get the strikeout while Wickman is much better suited for working with a clean slate. Dotel racks up the strikeouts so maybe they let him take over the setup role of coming in with runners on and let Soriano close with Wickman becoming one of the late inning guys but only when he starts an inning. That would probably keep Dotel from exercising his option though.

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