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Braves Looking at Silva

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Update:†This has nothing to do with Silva but is just another little trade rumor note. The Braves had scouts at Friday's Rangers game according†to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News.†I'd doubt Teixeira is still a realistic scenario with Schuerholz not budging on Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Yunel Escobar, but the Braves have been connected to some Rangers relievers including southpaw CJ Wilson. Oh, how I love deadline time. Trade rumors and speculation is as fun as baseball gets. Here is a new one though that I have never heard before. Eli Greenspan reported on his site(a good one to frequent) that Braves scouts were in attendance at a recent Twins game and were paying a lot of attention to Twins starter Carlos Silva. You might remember Silva as the pitcher who absolutely dominated the Braves in a complete game shutout June 13th. Anyway, if this is true it does make sense. The Twins are most likely out of contention eight games back from the Detroit Tigers so moving off one of their lesser starters with some good talent in the minors seems reasonable. Silva doesn't have stats that blow you away. The right-hander is 8-10 with a 4.60 ERA and a mediocre strikeout and hit rate at best. Keep in mind though that he is pitching in the toughest division, in the toughest league, in a park that can be very tough for fielders. Move him and his ground-ball tendencies over to turner field and he could be slotted right in behind Tim Hudson. The 28-year old Silva would probably be a bargain considering the premium on solid starting pitching. The Twins need a big bat and a third baseman. I'm not sure the Braves could solve their hole at the hot corner, but if the Twins front office still believes enough in Scott Thorman, he could be the power DH type that Minnesota would be interested in. This is just another scenario to keep in mind heading into the deadline. The chances are the Twins don't trade Silva but it is within the realm of possibilities. This could be a fairly cheap addition that could make an impact. One more starter really closes up almost all of the holes in the rotation and makes a Braves playoff run a much more plausible scenario.

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