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JS Not Moving Top Chips for Tex

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Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Yunel Escobar are the 2007 version of the "Baby Braves". The catcher/firstbaseman and utility infielder have become fan favorites with their performance on the field and bright futures wearing a tomahawk. One thing both have not been able to escape are the swirling trade winds. The Braves are in a position to be buyers at the deadline for a playoff run and let's face it, there will always be interest in young major-league starter quality players. The rumors involving these two Braves youngsters always have been revolving around pitching help but Mark Teixeira has been the most mentioned name of late. The production out of first has been miserable and there is a Georgia Tech product on the block.... seems to work for me. Reports were flying that Rangers GM Jon Daniels wanted Saltalamacchia in any trade for the superstar firstbaseman Teixeira. Ken Rosenthal's latest articleputs a new twist on the story though. Rosenthal says Schuerholz will not include Saltalamacchia or even Yunel Escobar in a deal for Teixeira. The first thing this tells me is that the Braves may be getting ready to move Edgar Renteria this off-season. The second is that Schuerholz is going to have a mighty task on his hand. Could he manage to do that without including one of the two? Rosenthal mentions Brandon Jones, Elvis Andrus, and Jordan Schafer as possibilities. All of these I could see. They could be showcasing Jo-Jo Reyes to the Rangers, who are always short on pitching. Could a package of Brandon Jones, Jo-Jo Reyes, and Joey Devine get it done? That may be cutting it close but we will certainly see. I can feel it, something big is going to happen. Normally JS is very secretive and you don't hear much. With the huge rumors surrounding the Braves, this better be a big deadline for us.

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