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Update: How could we go ten minutes without another update? Ken Rosenthal's latest post says that Matt Harrison has been removed from the deal because he was shut down due to shoulder tendinitis, contrary to the Bowman article. Rosenthal says the Braves gave a list of young pitchers to consider as the replacement, not including Jo-Jo Reyes and that it is conceivable for the trade to move from a 3-1 to a 4-2 deal. Jo-Jo could however be included if the Rangers part with Eric Gagne or CJ Wilson as part of the deal. Most reports have said it was already a 3-2 deal but just like everything else to do with the Tex situation. You ask five different people, you get five different answers. Update: Updates are plentiful for this post. The latest comes from Mark Bowman at Braves.com (Not exactly the best source, so take it for what it is worth). Bowman says the deal is on hold because of shoulder soreness that Matt Harrison complained of after his last start. Bowman goes on to say that this isn't expected to be a deal breaker. If this pushes the Rangers towards Kyle Davies, then his soreness is a good thing. I'd much rather lose Davies than Harrison at this point. We've heard from other sources that Davies is already part of the deal, that no pitcher will be coming over, and that which reliever the Rangers will be sending over is the hold up so don't look to much into all of this. The Braves front-office workings are very secretive so a lot of this is speculation. Update: This is an unconfirmed report but I was told that Peter Gammons said on ESPN that the Teixeira trade was all but complete. The deal would send just Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Elvis Andrus to Texas for Teixeira. I've heard that a trade is all but announced for this about eight times so far so don't look too much into it. Gammons is a very credible source but don't expect anything before Tuesday most likely. The Rangers are trying to get as much out of this as they can and who can blame them? Update: According to Jim Molony of mlb.com, reports are surfacing that the Rangers are likely to hold onto first baseman Mark Teixeira. Molony says the deal is Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Kyle Davies, and Elvis Andrus but the Rangers unwillingness to include lefty reliever CJ Wilson is what is keeping the deal from getting done. I agree with Schuerholz in holding out for Wilson but if they do get him, it is certainly a much better trade to me then if the Braves had to include Matt Harrison. Ken Rosenthal has the latest on three players the Braves have been mentioned to have interest in during his recent video. Here is a rundown of what he says.
  • The Mark Teixeira deal is at a standstill. Rosenthal says the Dodgers are out but the Angels and Braves are still in. The Angels are offering a package of Casey Kotchman and Joe Saunders while the Braves have a package of prospects centered around Jarrod Saltalamacchia on the table, but no other names are given. Rosenthal says GM Jon Daniels is asking for one or even two more players from the Angels and wants the Braves to sweeten their deal as well. This could be a dangerous game for the Rangers if they force the Angels out and only have one suitor. Still, if the Angels add a decent prospect to their offer, that probably beats the Braves proposal. We can hope, can't we?
  • The White Sox are still listening to offers for right-hander Jon Garland, but the price is so high that most executives believe he won't be dealt before the deadline. You may remember that the Braves offered Edgar Renteria and a top pitching prospect (most likely Jo-Jo Reyes or Matt Harrison) and were rejected. If the Braves really are intent about getting Garland, their offer may have to be centered around Yunel Escobar and not Renteria. Garland is much more of a need than Teixeira and looks like he'd cost less so why the Braves aren't offering a better package for him boggles my mind.
  • The Dodgers and Indians are at the top of the pack for Royals' close Octavio Dotel, but the Braves are still in the hunt. The Royals are looking for a young major-league ready player and I still think that the Braves could offer Martin Prado and not miss him. Dotel would go a long way for this pen with only Damaso Marte probably as the better option on the market.

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