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Teixeira Update

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Update: Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the Braves have offered a package of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Matt Harrison, and Elvis Andrus for Mark Teixeira; no relievers, just Teixeira. Rosenthal says that this trade would be a coup for Rangers GM Jon Daniels and I agree completely. I would be beside myself if this happened but I call BS! A front office leaking false information is quite common but come on, give Schuerholz some credit, he isn't an idiot. This sounds like somthing to try and start a bidding war with the Dodgers and Angels. I wouldn't put much faith in this rumor, but if it is true, we should know by tomorrow because there is no way 1.) anyone else is going to top this and 2.) the Rangers would turn this down. Only five days left! I've got another update about the Mark Teixeira to Atlanta rumors. This one comes from Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News. Grant says the Braves and Rangers are "heavily involved" in talks to send the switch-hitting first baseman to the Braves. The article says that the base of a deal could be Jarrod Saltalamacchia, shortstop Elvis Andrus, and either Kyle Davies or Matt Harrison. This may sound insane, and it is, but added in from the Rangers would most likely be one of their relievers. Grant mentions Eric Gagne and left-hander Ron Mahay as relievers they are interested in, and we can add CJ Wilson to that list. That seems a bit more realistic but I still don't like it especially if Matt Harrison is part of the deal. Grant says the Braves are not likely to part with Jo-Jo Reyes but I'd think that Harrison carries more value than Reyes. I truly hope that something, anything, holds this trade up and sinks it. I'm sorry to the Braves front office who has done such great things for the entirety of my life, but why? What has given anyone the notion that what is holding the Braves down is offense? Andruw, McCann, and Francoeur are hitting, and Kelly Johnson, Chipper, Renteria, and Diaz are absolutely crushing the ball. So what if we suffer through Jarrod Saltalamacchia's growing pains with a first baseman who is posting an OPS of around .750. I think we can take the hit not to sell the future of this team. The Braves need pitching help, both in the Rotation and bullpen as of late. Would it be nice to add a bat at first? Sure, but to trade off a future slugging first baseman, good starter, and a shortstop with the upside of another Renteria for a good 1.5 year rental? Does that make sense? There will be no contract extensions if we get him either. Teixeira is a Boras client, that means he will test the waters of free agency after he collects $12 million next year in arbitration. He might give a discount to Baltimore but not to the Braves and anyone who thinks the Braves can scrounge up $18+ million over 6-7 years is kidding themselves. Any team would want a young, gold glove, slugging first baseman and yet I don't. We can't get him without Jarrod Saltalamacchia and from all the reports coming out it looks like it will take quite a bit more. Maybe if we were talking about adding an ace caliber starter this would be a little less insane to me, but we aren't. We are talking about adding another bat that we won't be able to keep for long to a team that has no problem with the bat. We've got a perfectly fine option at first. An option that should develop big-time power and isn't eligible for free agency for six years. Let's hope the Dodgers or Angels one-up the Braves bid because I'm not sure if I could take this.

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