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Thoughts on the Tex deal

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Before I proffer some thoughts on the Tex deal and what it means for the Braves I just want to say a couple of things. First, Will has been doing a stunning job keeping the site up to date with relevant Braves content over the past couple of weeks as Kristi and I have taken a back seat. Traffic is at record levels and we continue to attract new readers by the dozen. The continuing success of this site is down to him. Thank-you. I'm also excited that we have D'Andre on the team as well. His writing is of the highest quality and he'll be a fantastic addition to the Chop-n-Change team. I look forward to his contributions over the coming months and years. Please keep on commenting and reading. Although we're done with the current round of expansion I suspect we'll continue to add writers in the future so those of you with blogs and a keenness to write keep up the good work and you never know! So the Tex trade. Although it still remains to be finalized it looks largely a done deal. The Braves get Teixeira and Mahay while giving up Salty, Harrison, Andrus and possibly Feliz. Wow! That is probably the biggest in-season trade for many a blue moon. In summary the Braves get a year and a half of Tex and a half-decent spare-part reliever for four prospects. And those aren't four ordinary prospects. By some measures they are four of the finest prospects in the organisation. Kevin Goldstein, of Baseball Prospectus rated those four prospects in the top five among in the Braves farm. Here is his list:
Very Good Prospects
1. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
2. Matt Harrison, LHP
Good Prospects
3. Neftali Feliz, RHP
4. Eric Campbell, 3B/2B
5. Elvis Andrus, SS
Average Prospects
6. Brandon Jones, OF
7. Joey Devine, RHP
8. Jeff Locke, LHP
9. Chase Fontaine, SS... maybe
10. Anthony Lerew, RHP
So, if you believe Kevin's list we are mortgaging the future of the team for a shot at the postseason this year and possibly next. One interesting observation is that this is the first trade since we've moved to new ownership. It is clear that the purse strings have been loosened slightly and the Braves have the green-light to take on more salary. Also, for this deal to work you've got to assume that the Braves will sign Teixeira to at least a four year deal. Giving up 4 of your 5 best prospects for an admittedly great player doesn't make sense otherwise. But perhaps I'm deluded!

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