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Two Braves Headed to San Francisco

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For yet another year the mid-summer classic is a sham. It wouldn't be that bad to see five or ten players get snubbed every year had this popularity contest not become the decider of which team would get the advantage in the World Series. I guess that makes more sense then deciding based on how well the team actually played though. The reasons why Bud Selig is a complete and total idiot are another topic for another post though. The two Braves representatives are battery-mates John Smoltz and Brian McCann. Seeing Smoltz on the All-Star roster was not a shock but seeing McCann definitely made me do a double-take. Normally you can blame it on fans but McCann's spot came from the player balloting. Smoltz is 9-4 with a 2.98 ERA on the season but McCann has hit only .261 after a year where he was not only an All-Star but took home a Silver Slugger award.† I think he is a great player, but McCann as he even said himself, did not deserve a spot on this team. On to those who were snubbed. The obvious choices are the left side of the Braves infield. This may sound bias to any Mets fans reading but too bad, no Mets should be starting the All-Star game. David Wright and Jose Reyes not only weren't at the top of their positions in the NL, but they weren't even top two at their positions the the NL East. Both of their counterparts on the Marlins and Braves have outperformed them up to this point. I was surprised to see Hudson not even on the final vote list for the NL but I can't say I am shocked. Other notable snubs: Orlando Cabrera, John Maine, Erik Bedard, Jeremy Guthrie, Ian Snell,† and many more. I didn't watch it last year, I didn't vote this year, and I may not watch it again. The All-Star game is a sham and unfortunately a sham that now means something.

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