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Braves Take One from Schilling, Red Sox

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The Braves appeared to†gain some momentum coming off a wining series against the Tribe.† Tonight was the first of three against the AL East-leading Boston Red Sox and the Braves scored another much-needed win.† The Braves needed Schilling to be having one of his off nights, and their prayers were answered.† Schilling lasted only 4 1/3rd innings and gave up 10 hits and 6 earned runs without a single strikeout.† This is the first time since July 1, 1993 that Schilling has made a start without recording a strikeout. Chuck James, on the other hand, had a great night.† He went 5 1/3rd innings and gave up only 5 hits and 2 earned runs (both solo homeruns by Coco Crisp), while recording 4 strikeouts.† The only real concern I have with him is the number of homeruns he's given up lately - two today and three in his last start. The offense came through for James tonight, scoring 6 runs while James was in the game and another 3 runs later in the game.† It was a big night for Harris (2 for 4), Renteria (3 for 5), Chipper (3 for 5), McCann (2 for 4 with a†3-run homerun and a double)†and Thorman (2 for 3, with a 2-run homerun and a double).† Francouer, Chuck James and Salty each added a hit as well.† Chuckie racked up an RBI with his hit and Salty got his as a pinch hitter in the seventh†and then proceeded to catch the remainder of the game. As for the relief corps, Moylan handled 2/3rds of an inning where he gave up nothing and recorded a strikeout.† Yates took the seventh and gave up a homerun to former Braves player JD Drew but recorded two strikeouts in the inning.† Paronto took the eighth, giving up only one hit.† The ninth was handled by McBride and Wickman, with McBride giving up two hits, a walk and an earned run and Wickman getting the final out of the game.† Finally, everything came together for the Braves tonight: pitching, offense, defense...and there couldn't have been a better time since the Mets won tonight as well.† The Braves remain 1.5 games behind the Mets, while the Phillies fell to 3 games back with their loss tonight.† Kelly Meter:† KJ joined Andruw tonight in the 0 for 4 club, his average falling to .280. Final Score: Braves 9, Red Sox 4

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