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C-n-C Mailbag: Clint Sammons

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Corey B. Writes, How far is Clint Sammons from his MLB debut? Depending on the organization's plan with Brayan Pena and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, I could see him up possibly before the end of the season. I'll go into that a bit later but for those of you who don't know, Sammons is double-A Mississippi's catcher. The 24-year old Georgia-native was drafted in the sixth round in 2004 out of the University of Georgia. In taking him, the Braves new that he would never be a starting catcher but he's got some pop in his bat and is good defensively so he could end up as a good backup. I have been impressed by him in his 438 ABs between '06 and this year at Myrtle Beach. He hit .260 with twelve round-trippers and fairly decent plate discipline. Never expect a high average from him one he gets to the majors but there is always a place for a good defensive catcher with some power. He is struggling right now for Mississippi but he should adjust at some point. The Braves handling of Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Brayan Pena will change his time of arrival. Both are ahead of of Sammons in the organization but both may be changing positions soon. Obviously if Saltalamacchia takes over as the team's everyday first baseman, he is out of the backup picture. Pena showcased some big defensive inadequacies as McCann's backup catcher in the beginning of the season but at Richmond is splitting his time between catcher, first, third, and left field so he may be getting ready to take over a utility role from Chris Woodward or Pete Orr. If that happens, Sammons could be up in September or a bit earlier.

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