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Carlyle Pitches One Hitter and then Optioned

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Although his first game resulted in a loss, Buddy Carlyle really only encountered one bad inning in that game.† Today he showed more of what I saw in the first game he pitched (less that one bad inning) - good, strong pitching highlighted by lots of strikes.† He threw seven innings of one-hit baseball today, rivaling the best performances of any other Braves pitcher this season.† The one hit was a homerun in the third inning, one of only two hits in the entire game for the Fish.† Carlyle also amassed five strikeouts in his seven innings.† He was followed by Soriano and Wickman who were near perfect.† Soriano had one strikeout and Wickman had two, although he gave up one hit.† Wickman walked away with his tenth save of the season. Francouer had a good day, going 3 for 4 with a double and two singles.† Salty and Woodward hit back-to-back homeruns in the seventh inning to put the Braves ahead of the Fish.† Escobar and Thorman each added a hit as well.† Salty's two-run homer wasn't his only valiant effort of the day, he also caught two Fish stealing.† Perhaps he read Will's earlier article on the merits of him taking over behind the plate full-time. While I silently applauded†Carlyle's performance, the Braves were busy putting together the paperwork that would†option him back to Richmond in order to activate Blaine Boyer.† Apparently the powers that be were worried†that Smoltz would need help†in the second†game of the doubleheader and wanted Boyer†prepared to take over.† This left Carlyle as the expendable roster spot and he was optioned†to Richmond immediately following the game.† If he continues his success†in Richmond, however, I expect we'll see him back up in the starting†rotation at some point this season.††Until then, congrats to Carlyle for his first Major League win in nearly eight years!† Final Score: Braves 3, Fish 1

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