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Chop Links: June 13

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Howdy folks -- welcome to yet another installment of Chop Links. Fasten your seat belts.
  • First up my usual column at the Hardball Times, this time unpicking the AL Central. Look out the NL East incarnation in a couple of weeks
  • Interested in what a sinker ball looks like? If the answer is yes then take a look at John Walsh's excellent piece at the Hardball Times using the new gameday pitch location data
  • Martin Gandy, over at Talking Chop, has an interesting synopsis on the Braves' 5th round pick, Dennis Dixon. The long and short of it is that Dennis is a pro-football nut who is dabbling in baseball ... let's hope for the Braves' sake that he signs for us.
  • ESPN is dabbling in baseball stats. Here you can read about its Player Rating is calculated. This and this demonstrate why it is as much use as pigskin on a diamond.
  • Braves fan, Dayn Perry of Foxsports, gives us his take on who is dead and alive in this year's hunt for October. The Braves, you'll be pleased to hear, are very much alive.
  • AJC wades into the Andruw Jones debate and tries to mediate between Boras and ESPN's Jason Stark. We all know he'll turn it around.
  • Ex-Braves uber-reliever, Chris Reitsma, has been placed on the DL .... does anyone is Atlanta still care?
  • Baby Braves has a good synopsis of draft day. Check it out.
  • BPro has another transaction analysis up ... want to know what the deal is with Chipper? Click here provided you've stumped up your subs.
We've just started a tough interleague schedule. What win Minnesota, Cleveland, Detroit and Boston all in the cross-hairs we may be lucky to come out of this spell north of .500. Fingers crossed.

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