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Chop Links: June 5

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After a short hiatus Chop Links is back in full force. Here is the best of the Braves interweb for the last week or so:
  • Sorry, but it is the usual shameless plug on my Hardball Times article. This week I conclude my chat with Greg Rybarczyk from Hit Tracker. Last week I wrote about the AL East (yes, no typo -- the NL East will come in a few weeks).
  • Blatantly copying Chop-n-Change, JC has started his mailbag! There are few interesting questions about the Braves in post 1 and post 2.
  • It is draft time soon and Kevin Goldstein of BPro profiles the 50 rawest talents. Is the next Braves superstar in there .... probably! [Subscription required]
  • Here is some less than generous thoughts about the old Braves #2 starter and new #7 Tim Hudson.
There will be more chop links later in the week. Let's hope we can take the second game in the double header tonight ... we need to stop the Mets spriting away. With Smoltz on the mound I'm hopeful.

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