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Chuck James Falls to 5-6

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This year hasn't been quite what the Braves had hoped for in terms of Chuck James' role in the rotation.† After a successful 11-4 season last year, the Braves had hoped he would fill the fourth spot in the rotation.† When Mike Hampton was unable to return, they hoped he could fill in as the third spot in the rotation.† Unfortunately, Chuckie has yet to find solid footing in 2007.† There was reason to hope that he could pull out a win tonight against Minnesota's Carlos Silva, who was 3-7 going into tonight, but there was no such luck for the Braves. Chuck James lasted only 4 1/3 innings, giving up 9 hits and 6 earned runs, which included 3 homeruns and 2 doubles.† Not really any good news there, so I'll move on to more positive news.... Chipper Jones was back in the lineup tonight, batting as the DH.† He had a phenomenal first night back, going 3 for 4.† Kelly Johnson had a good night as well, going 2 for 4.† Other hits were by Andruw, McCann and Escobar.† Unfortunately, the Braves offense†failed to put any runs on the board.† Hopefully having Chipper and Renteria back will allow the offense to pick things up in the coming days. The†most promising†aspect of the game, however,†was what has become a familiar story: the Braves bullpen was nearly flawless in taking over the final†4 2/3rds innings.† Moylan†handled†1 1/3rd innings, walking one and striking out two.† McBride followed for an inning, posting a strikeout, and Paronto took the eighth, giving up only a walk.† While it was my hope that we could capitalize on the Mets losing streak, we've been lucky enough to simply hold on and not lose any ground.† The clear problem is with the starting rotation, and†I know all the Braves fans are ready for JS to make a move for a solid starter.† With the Mets bound to turn things around and the Phillies on our heels, we can't afford†for our starters to continue giving up runs and making short starts.† The worst news of the night is that the Phillies have snuck up on us and tied us for second in the NL East, both clubs being 2.5 games behind the Mets prior to the Mets-Dodgers game this evening.† Kelly Meter:† 2 for 4 tonight, but got caught stealing third in a situation that made everyone wonder what he was thinking.† Final Score:† Braves 0, Twins 6

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