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Davies Frustrated After Loss

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We all know the game is just as mental as it is physical, sometimes more so.† In fact, while listening to Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble on The Show on XM this afternoon, I was interested in their discussion about the mental woes of pitchers.† Thought they didn't discuss Kyle Davies specifically, I think he suffers from many of the same mental issues as the guys they mentioned.† Having pitched fastpitch softball for a large portion of my playing years, I can totally emphathize with pitchers like Davies who let their minds take over the mound.† Sometimes you try too hard because you know your team needs a win.† Sometimes you get wild trying to put that little extra something on the ball.† Sometimes you beat yourself up because you gave up a hit you knew you shouldn't.† Like Kevin and Rob observed this afternoon, the hardest pitcher in the league can get on the mound, but if his mind is messed up, you'll hit off him all day.† Put an average pitcher up there with some confidence and a clear head and he can run the game.† A baseball player friend of mine once told me to repeat to myself "Between the lines, it's all ball!" every time I stepped out on the field.† Once you step over that baseline on your way from the dugout to the mound, you have to let go of emotions and mental blocks.† Easier said than done, of course. After the game, Davies discussed his mental issues.† He admitted that sometimes he overthrows or overthinks things.† He recognizes that he's his own worst enemy, as so many greats have been.† Kevin and Rob admitted today that while it can be your downfall, the greats are often this way.† It's being a perfectionist that†gives you that competitiveness, that edge.††But they also said you have to go out there each and every time with confidence.† The batters can smell fear.† Batters will pounce on fear. I think†Davies gets all this.††The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, as they say.† He acknowledged that†he needs to think less, so hopefully that's what he'll do.† I think he has the potential to be a solid starter, and I always love seeing a hometown boy make it big on the hometown team.† So, Kyle, I'm pulling†for you!† (Also, Kyle, if you're reading this...I'm single!† Sorry KJ, but you got engaged!)

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