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Do the Braves Have a Homefield Advantage?

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During this recent disappointing homestand, a question came to mind:† how much "home-field advantage" do the Braves really have at the Ted?† I'm assuming y'all have been to some games this year, so what's your take on fan invovlement?† I live in LA and used to live in Boston, so I'm well aware of the stark contrast in fan support.†(Dodger Stadium vs Fenway)† In games I've attended at Turner Field, I've always felt the crowd, as a whole, has been ho-hum about things.† Perhaps this is†a contributing factor to†the Braves' poor performance at home?† Well, that and the pitching anyway..... -D. The Ted is certainly no Fenway!† But then, nowhere is.††For those who haven't been, there is absolultely nothing like seeing a game at Fenway.† In fact, there's nothing like being†just outside Fenway park in the nearby neighborhood during a game.††There's a playoff-like atmosphere at every single game.† What really struck me the first time I saw a game there was watching everyone go into the game.††It seems like everyone has something with the team logo on, be it a hat, shirt, pin, etc.† Red Sox fans show up for their team in more ways than one, and it's†an incredible atmosphere.† In contrast, Braves fans have been notoriously laid back and sometimes apathetic over the years.† I think it's because we have so many transplants and they all have hometown teams they still root for.† The beginning of this season did seem to inspire a little more spunk than usual around here, but that's since faded.† In the beginning, I think everyone, including the team, was fired up to beat the Mets after losing the Division to them last year.† I know I felt that way.† Being the eternal optimist I am, I still feel that way.† However, I think the collective spirit around here has faded. I long for the days back in the 90s when they had Tomahawk Night all the time and everyone in the stadium would be armed with their foam tomahawks.† One of my favorite pictures of all time is at Atlanta-Fulton County stadium with everyone doing the tomahawk chop.† There's just a sea of red foam tomahawks.† Everyone had the fever back then! I'm not sure what the answer is, but I think the team needs to hire some new blood in the marketing department or something.† There has to be a way to get the hometown crowd involved again, and I think it could make a big difference for our team!

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