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Hudson, Braves Fall to Fish

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Hudson suffered another round of bad luck tonight, giving up seven hits, six runs (5 earned) and three walks in six innings pitched.† After the game, he blamed poor pitch placement.† Moylan and Paronto provided three hitless innings, with Moylan recording two strikeouts in two innings pitched.† The bats of Brian McCann and Yunel Escobar were hot last night, with McCann going 3 for 5 and Escobar 4 for 4.† One of Escobar's four hits was his first Major League homerun in the fourth inning off Obermueller.† Renteria added another homerun in the ninth.† Unfortunately, both homeruns were solo and the Braves came up short in the end. Another big hitter was Hudson, who went 2 for 2 with a double and a RBI.† Other doubles came off the bats of Andruw, Escobar and Willie Harris.† Despite a good offensive night, the Fish prevailed in the end. Kelly Meter:† 0 for 5 tonight bringing his average to .292.† Final Score: Braves 4, Fish 6

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