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James, Braves Lose Pitching Duel

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Chuck James and Rich Hill both pitched†great games today.† James went seven innings and gave up six hits, two earned runs and three walks while getting four strikeouts.† Unfortunately, Hill did better, going eight innings and giving up only three hits and one walk while amassing eleven strikeouts.† Although Yates and Soriano came in and pitched near perfect innings, the Braves had no luck against Hill or Dempster, his replacement.† As a result, the Braves lost this close game and Chuckie fell to 5-5. The only Braves†hits of the day came off the bats of Andruw Jones and Matt Diaz.† Andruw had one of his best offensive games of the year, hitting a solo homerun and then hitting a single and stealing second base.†† Not much else to write,†I'm afraid to say.† It was a true pitcher's duel.† Any other night, any other game, Chuckie probably would have won.† So,†despite the loss, I was pretty happy with his performance.† Kelly Meter:† 0 for 3 with Rich Hill's only walk of the night.† His average is down to .286.† Final Score: Braves 1, Cubs 2

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