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McCann Needs a Change of Address

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I have taken just about all I can of Brian McCann behind home plate. He has an excellent bat, but let's face it, it's a miracle he made it through the minors without having to change positions. I like him as a player but his lack of defensive ability makes first base a much more appealing option with Scott Thorman's struggles at the plate. There is basically nothing McCann does behind the plate well. He has had a significant increase in passed balls (on pace for 12 compared to 4 all last year) and seemingly once every other game lets a ball go between his legs that he should catch that gets charged as a wild pitch. He possesses a below average arm and has horrible footwork behind the plate so basically all that has kept him there is that there has never really been anyone to force him out of the position. McCann, meet Mr. Saltalamacchia. Salty has good footwork, far better defensive ability than McCann, and what can only be described as a .50 caliber sniper rifle behind the plate. A gun that is both powerful and incredibly accurate. I have just seen enough, we have a logjam behind the plate so why not make the best move for the team and have McCann start taking grounders at first and slowly work him over there? That could easily be worth a couple wins a season with the amount of missed balls and runners that McCann allows to move up. Don't get me wrong and don't berate me for not liking McCann; I do like him, just not behind the plate. We have a chance to lengthen his career and improve the team so Bobby and JS should take the opportunity.

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