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Offense Fails Braves in Game Two of Doubleheader

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In his first start since injuring his shoulder last week, John Smoltz provided a decent start while obviously still in some pain.† At several points during his six inning performance, Smoltz stretched and tugged at his right shoulder, obviously still getting over his minor injury.† Despite this, it was the Braves lack of offense and not his pitching that did them in.† Smoltz went a respectable six innings and gave up two earned runs on three hits while earning four strikeouts.† Moylan, Villareal and Boyer followed giving up five hits and three earned runs amongst them.† Moylan worked one inning and gave up one earned run on two hits.† Villareal followed in the eighth inning, giving up two earned runs on two hits.† Boyer finished with the ninth inning and gave up only one hit. Despite the five earned runs that were given up by Braves pitching, this was a game that could have been won with a little offense.† The Braves had a mere three hits in the game, one by each of KJ, Escobar and Diaz.† Kelly Meter:† KJ went 1 for 4 tonight brining his line to .291/.389/.488.† Coming into the game, KJ's on-base percentage ranked third among Major League lead-off hitters, behind Brian Roberts and Grady Sizemore (and ahead of Jose Reyes I might add).† He also ranked fourth in the National League in two-out RBIs (Frenchy ranks first).† Final Score: Braves 1, Fish 5

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