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Teixiera Rumors Swirling

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Rumors are flying about the Rangers wanting to move Mark Teixeira, but it is the speculation that brings us to the Rangers All-Star first baseman. The Rangers, who own the worst record in baseball probably won't be able to resign Teixeira when he becomes a free agent after the 2008 season so he has become one of the big name players in the center of trade rumors. Speculation has put teams like the Tigers, Dodgers, Orioles, and Braves as potential suitors; all teams that are looking for greater production out of their first baseman. Teixeira would fit well with the young offensive core of Brian McCann, Kelly Johnson, and Jeff Francoeur. Scott Thorman is occupying the bag now, but he isn't considered a long-term solution and some power from the bench would be very nice to have in a playoff run. Tiexeira is a Boras client, so one of the major issues would be resigning him. Andruw and Wickman will most likely be off the books next year ( $20 million), and Renteria and Hampton will be off after the '08 season (approx. $22 million), so at that point we would definitely have the funds and a consistent .300, 35 HR, 100 RBI guy with Gold Glove defense in the middle of the lineup would soften the blow of losing Andruw from the middle of the lineup. Now the question becomes, what would it cost? Many sports writers believe GM Jon Daniels won't be able to garner a top prospect because of the contract the team will have to take on and the difficulty the team will have in signing him. On the other hand, Teixeira is only 27 so if someone acquires him and signs him long term, you get him through his prime years. The first name that pops up in rumors involving the Braves is Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but he production they would gain by going from Salty to Tex probably wouldn't justify the $14+ million more they would end up paying Teixeira in a new contract. The Rangers have to rebuild and their problem has always been pitching. Matt Harrison would fit well as a pitcher with good groundball tendencies or a package surrounding a pitcher like Jo-Jo Reyes or Jamie Richmond would also seem logical. This is a deal I could definitely see happening depending on the cost. Over $40 million coming off the books in the next two years makes it financially possible to sign even a Boras client long term and at his age, the contract won't become an albatross in the last few years because at max it would run to around his age 33 or 34 season. This has drawn comparrisons to Alfonso's Soriano with the Nationals last season where there was enourmous amount of talk but when all was said and done no one ponied up enough. Seeing a top of the order next year of Johnson, Renteria, Chipper, Teixeira, McCann, Francoeur, and Saltalamacchia just makes me love this idea. I invite any comments as always on a topic that is sure to cause some discussion.

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