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A Sign of Things to Come?

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I know it's just Spring Training, but it's the time of year where hope springs eternal.† In case you missed it, the Braves trounced the Mets 7-1 today. A few days ago a debate raged in the comments section on the original Chop-n-Change†over whose bullpen was better, the Braves or the Mets.† I'm sure that's still debatable, but I'm happy to report that their star closer, Billy Wagner, gave up 5 earned runs and four hits during his seventh inning stint today.† I know, I know, it's just one outing - but I hope it's a sign of things to come.† Oh, and I still maintain that we have the stronger bullpen.† Take Wagner out and I think their bullpen falls apart.† Here are today's highlights: John Smoltz threw 57 strikes in 88 pitches, with 5 strikeouts in 6 innings. Mike Gonzalez pitched two scoreless innings and allowed only one hit.† This was his second scoreless outing in a row. Tony Pena hit a three-run homerun against Wagner in what would become a five-run seventh inning. Chipper Jones, Chris Woodward and Martin Prado each doubled.

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