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Chop-n-Change Mailbag: When Will We See Boyer?

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Patrick A. Writes When do you expect Blaine Boyer to be called back up from Richmond? I feel that he is a very solid pitcher that would be a great asset to the bullpen. I would agree with your assessment of Boyer. Not only do I think he is very good, but I believe he is better than a couple of the relievers that will make the team. Boyer was very impressive as a rookie with a 3.11 ERA in almost 40 innings of work, but had to be shut down after only 2/3 of an inning last year. He underwent shoulder surgery and because of that, the Braves are taking it slow with him. For a guy with his talent, age, and the depth of our relievers, I can't say I disagree with their approach. Boyer brings a mid-90's fastball with good sinking action and a nasty curveball that makes him look like a very good future setup man. Right now he could be a very good middle reliever. I definitely think that we will see him in Atlanta for significant time this season, but how quickly depends on the performance of the bullpen. We have two journeymen (Yates and Paronto) in the pen right now, and with the depth of relievers in the organization, Bobby will have them on a short leash. That along with some injury risks in Gonzalez, Soriano, and Villareal means that there will almost definitely be an opening by the All-Star break. The plan is for him to pitch multiple innings in relief during his outings at Richmond to show his shoulder will be able to handle the strain of pitching in the majors. He could force this issue if he is absolutely dominating the International League. John D. Writes Who do you think will be forced out of the pen once Tanyon Sturtze comes off the DL? My answer is nobody. I don't think he will see more than a couple innings in September in Atlanta. From talking to Braves fans, there is a general thought that he was signed to be a significant part of the pen. I think that all comes from Mark Bowman, the Braves MLB.com beatwriter, who comes off higher on Sturtze than anyone I can think of. He still has to rehab from his rotator cuff surgery, and Sturtze, who has a career 5.21 ERA, is purely an insurance signing. As I said before, there will probably be at least one opening in the pen sometime before the All-Star break, but Sturtze isn't at the top of the list for callups. Blaine Boyer, Phil Stockman, and Peter Moylan will all be ahead of him, and Joey Devine could add his name to that list if he pitches well. I just don't see any significant impact from Sturtze and had Schuerholz already acquired Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez, I doubt Sturtze would have been signed. Maybe the Reds can take him off our hands for a low level prospect; I mean they already signed Dustin Hermanson to be part of their pen. Eli S. Writes SEARCHING EVERYWHERE FOR THE BRAVES HOME RUN THEME SONG FOR A TAILGATE CD FOR THE HOME OPENER. DO YOU KNOW THE ARTIST AND TITLE OF THE 80'S SONG " DOO DO DOO DO JUMP ON IT"? The song is "Apache" by the Sugar Hill Gang. If you want your Braves question answered in the Chop-n-Change Mailbag, send it along with your first name and last initial to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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