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Downing Another Division Rival

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For the second day in a row, the Braves have scored a win against a division rival.† Until the ninth inning, I was sure I was going to get to report another 7-1 win, but a 3-run homer by the Phillies in the bottom of the ninth changed that.† I'm just happy to report the win. For the Braves today: Kyle Davies hit a double on a 3-2 count in the top of the second.† For those who didn't see it, it was actually smacked hard past the right fielder - a very nice hit for a pitcher.† In addition, Davies pitched for six innings and allowed only one run on three hits.† The commentators seemed to agree with most that Cormier will begin in the rotation and Davies will be available should there be any injuries later in the season.† They noted that Davies is a Major League quality pitcher but that his confidence had suffered in recent years.† They also mentioned something I didn't know about him.† Apparently, in high school, he didn't use a full windup.† It wasn't clear whether the change was made in the Minors or Majors, but someone then convinced him that he needed a full windup to be a Major League pitcher.† He was never comfortable with this and this is how we saw him two years ago when he made his debut.† Now he's returned to the windup he had in high school and is looking promising this spring.† Today was definitely a fine outing by Davies and I think it showed that he's gaining his confidence back. And for the second day in a row, there was a Pena homerun, although this time Brayan, not Tony.† Brayan had a two-run homerun in the bottom of the seventh to help add on to the Braves lead.† But Tony made news too, he was traded to the Royals for minor league RHP Erik Cordier today.† Cordier was a second-round draft pick in 2004.† His fastball has been clocked as fast as 98 MPH.† Unfortunately, he's only made thirteen starts in the past three seasons due to a knee injury and Tommy John surgery.† (But hey, at least he's already had his Tommy John surgery - seems like everyone we get ends up needing one sooner or later and we lose them for a season.)† He's expected to be ready to pitch by the time the instructional league begins. Trading Pena was a good move for the Braves, who have enough depth at SS that he may never have seen playing time in the Bigs.† In Kansas City, Pena has a shot to be a SS at the Major League level.† Although Pena might have filled in at SS with Aybar beginning the season on the disabled list, Orr and Escobar are still available to fill the role behind Renteria.

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