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Five Questions About Your 2007 Braves

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Today my Hardball Times preseason preview on the Atlanta Braves went up. At THT we do these in a five questions format. Here are the five that I asked:
  1. Can the Braves bullpen hold it together?
  2. Will we be able to replace LaRoche's bat?
  3. Will Hudson and Hampton contribute?
  4. Will Frenchy learn to walk?
  5. Can the Braves beat the Mets in head-t0-heads?
In case you're interested the answers are: yes; not completely but there should be enough cover; yes; probably not; who knows. I reckon th Braves are an 82 win team this year and if luck is on their side they should be able to hit 90 wins and challenge for the postseason. The good news is that the NL East is one of the two weakest division in the baseball. Thank goodness we aren't in the AL! To read my thoughts in detail please go straight to the article. If you have any questions on what I wrote -- or think I'm plain wrong, then leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.

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