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Francoeurís Spring Training

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A lot has been written about Jeff Francoeurís lack of plate discipline since he was called up mid-2005. Stat junkies look at his emaciated OBP (which failed to clear .300 last year) as evidence that he is sub-replacement level, while dyed-in-the-wool Braves fans love his hometown attitude and power stroke that saw 29 balls sail over the fence last year. Just to make my position 100% clear Iím with the stat junkies on this one. An OPS below .750 is unacceptable from a corner outfield position, where fielding is less valuable. Sure, he wows the fans with his big hits and the sometimes spectacular, but getting outs in 70% of his PAs doesnít help run scoring. Donít get me wrong, he has fantastic potential that, if harnessed, could make him one of the top 10 hitters in the game. Frenchy appreciates this too and has† repeatedly said that he is working on it. In 2006 we saw little evidence, though his walk totals did creep up during the season. Again in 2007 he is making all the right noises. But has Jeff shown any inclination to walk in spring training thus far? Here are his stats to date: AVG: .305 OBP: .306 SLG: .492 Oh dear; a case of deja-vu. A good batting average and okay slugging percentage is somewhat overshadowed by a poor OBP. While he is slamming the ball over the fence and making good contact the majority won't complain and Cox will continue to wheel him out game after game. Both the majority and Cox are wrong; I fear a potentially great talent could be wasted. Baloney, I hear you say. Itís spring training ñ he can do what he likes. Perhaps. But Frenchy needs to learn the art of leaving a pitch. Better to do that in spring training than in deep April.

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