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Braves Leading the Pack

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I was taking a look at some stats this morning and was impressed with all of the Braves leading the pack in both the National League and the Majors in various hitting categories.† Here's a look: The first six in the lineup, with the exception of Andruw, are hiting over .300 after last night.†† The Braves lead the Majors in homeruns.† Francouer is third in the Majors in RBIs and first in the National League.† Chipper is first in the National League and second in the Major Leagues with 10 homers.† Renteria ranks tenth in the Majors in the hit category with 39.† McCann is tenth in the Majors in doubles with 10, closely followed by Francouer with 9.† KJ is fifth in the Majors with a .472 OBP.† Chipper is second in the National League and fourth in the†Majors with a SLG†of .679 and KJ closely follows with a .583.† KJ comes in the fourth in the†majors in walks with 27, trailed closely by the Jones boys who each have 21.†††

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