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Braves lose in Blowout

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If you're going to lose then it's all the more satisfying to lose in a blowout rather than in a tight game. This was a blowout with 1,000 megatons of TNT under the PNC mound. Actually it wasn't as bad as it looked with the Braves effectively conceding the game by the 7th and wheeling out some bullpen spare parts (Kevin Barry anyone?) Lerew didn't look good. He walked the lead-off batter in each of the first three innings, which scored two runs. The game blew open in the fourth when Orr threw away a bunt into left field allowing another couple in. By the top of the fifth the Braves had five in the against column. Johnson and Harris got a couple back but then Villarreal yielded three in the sixth and Barry gave up five in two innings of work. The only good news is that the heart of the pen had a well-deserved night off! All in all the Pirates had 25 men reach -- an astonishing total. Harris was the pick of the bats for the Braves going 2 for 4 and now stands on a .471 average -- regression to the mean will kick in soon. Kelly meter: KJ went 1 for 4 and saw his average sink to .281. The Mets won too, which reels in our lead to just half a game. In Smoltz and the Natspos tomorrow. That *should* be a Braves win.

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