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Braves Mount Impressive Comeback

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Today, Kyle Davies had what Bobby Cox called his best outing yet.† He surrendered six hits and four earned runs in 6 2/3rds innings and recorded six strikeouts.† If Wilson Betemit hadn't knocked out a two-run homerun in the seventh, Davies numbers would have looked even better.† Regardless, it's nice to get a good start out of Davies.† I've always thought he would come around and be more consistent and am always glad to see him have a good outing. The offense saved the day though with a five-run seventh inning to follow Betemit's homerun which had put the Dodgers up by three.† As the inning began, I had little hope.† The Dodgers bullpen has been doing well this season and Chin-hui Tsao, who began the seventh, had given up only one hit all season.† All that was about to change though.† Willie Harris came in as a pinch hitter and scored a leadoff walk.† Then KJ and Renteria had back-to-back doubles, with Renteria's scoring Harris and KJ.† Frenchy popped out but was followed by an Andruw walk.† My spirits lifted as Chipper was brought in to pinch hit, only to be scorched when Chipper struck out and both he and Cox were ejected from the game arguing over the third strike.† But thankfully, the Braves two-out heroics always seem to come through this season.† Thorman came up and singled, scoring Renteria and tying the game.† Then it was Salty's turn and he scored his first Major League RBI, a single that scored Andruw and put the Braves ahead.† Woodward followed with another single, scoring Thorman.† The Braves were suddenly up 6-4. Soriano and Gonzalez for the eighth and ninth respectively.† Soriano faced only three batters in the eighth.† Gonzalez gave up a leadoff single and then closed the chapter on the next three guys.† Perfect bullpen performance. Paronto†came up with the win for the 1/3rd of the seventh he pitched, making him 2-0.† Gonzalez scored his first save for his ninth inning performance. Final Score:† Braves 6, Dodgers 4 KJ and Renteria have both extended their hitting streaks, KJ to 11 games and Renteria to 15 games.†

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