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Braves Take Another Series from the Phillies

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The Phillies are still the team the Braves love to beat!† The Braves won their second series against the Phillies, getting the second win of the series tonight.† And they did it without their All-Star catcher, Brian McCann...or their backup catcher, Bryan Pena.† Instead, top catching prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia made his Major League debut on his 22nd birthday.† Salty went 0-2 with a walk and got hit by a pitch, but his first at-bat nearly produced a homerun and he fouled several pitches off down the line that almost got him his first hit in the Big Show.† He also threw a strike to second to catch a runner stealing in the second inning.† In short, he looked pretty good. Renteria continued his hitting streak, extending it to 12 games.† He doubled in the first, reached third on a wild pitch and then scored on an Andruw Jones ground out.† That put the Braves up 1-0 in the first.† In the third inning, KJ doubled, Renteria singled and Chipper doubled, scoring two more to put the Braves up 3-0.† Then came the sixth inning, where James gave up a single, double and then homerun to allow the Phillies to tie the game.† Thorman and Frenchy came up with back-to-back singles in the bottom of the sixth.† Salty was hit with a pitch to fill up the bases and newcomer Willie Harris singled to put the Braves back ahead 4-3.† That run would be all the Braves would need for the win. As far as pitching goes, it was another good night for the bullpen.† Chuck James did fairly well until the top of the sixth and finished with 8 hits and 3 earned runs in five innings.† Paronto walks away with the win after his sixth inning appearance, which looked decent.† Yates had a nice seventh inning with a strikeout.† Gonzalez looked great in the eighth with two strikeouts.† And last but not least, Soriano scored the save with his ninth inning appearance. Kudos to Willie Harris tonight for his game-winning RBI and a terrific diving defensive catch towards the end of the game. Final Score:† Braves 4, Phillies 3 Side Note:† I saw some highlights after the Braves game tonight of Langerhans playing CF for the A's tonight.† It wasn't pretty.† They showed a couple of missed balls out there, although neither was scored an error.† He also continued his hitless streak and struck out twice, lowering his average to .065.† I thought perhaps he could get a fresh start out there, so let's just hope it was first night jitters!

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