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C-n-C Mailbag: Rookie Pitchers

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†If you want your Braves question answered on the segment, send the question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. William W. Writes, Is it just my imagination, or do the Braves fare significantly worse against rookie pitchers than most other teams do?† It's not just the Braves that struggle against rookies. I can't tell you how many teams' fans I have talked to that have complained about that. The general idea is that they should be getting hit hard, especially if they haven't been dominating their minor league opponents. Tyler Clippard got his first career start for the Yankees the other day against the Mets and just dominated them. We saw the same thing with Anthony Lerew against the Padres and Ken Ray in the first part of last season.† None of them superb minor leaguers so does this mean that they are top pitchers? The big reason is that they are unknown. Teams have few reports on minor leaguers, especially if they are called up suddenly and most players haven't seen them before, so any type of deception or strange movement on a pitch can have a maximum effect since batters aren't going up and looking for it. A lot of the times though, as we saw with Lerew and Ray, that wares off as more and more people see the pitcher and more and more teams get scouting reports.

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