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Carlyle and Braves Can't Fend Off Phillies

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Making his first Major League appearance since 2005, Buddy Carlyle hoped to fill the void left by the likes of Redman and Cormier.† Braves fans hoped he'd be able to produce the success he's had at AAA Richmond.† Unfortunately, a couple of bad innings and a total lack of offense from anyone except Edgar Renteria led to the Braves second straight loss against the surging Phillies. Carlyle went 4 innings and gave up six hits, five earned runs and two walks.† His performance in the first, second and fourth innings was terrific, but the four-run third inning was less than ideal.† McBride came in and pitched two scoreless innings that included three strikeouts and only one hit, a good sign since he's the only left-handed reliever in the bullpen now that Gonzalez is gone.† Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come from McBride.† He was followed by Tyler Yates who pitched an inning and gave up a homerun.† Vilarreal finished the final two innings, giving up nothing and striking two out.† I'm pleased to report another flawless performance by Vilarreal. Aside from Carlyle's four-run third inning, another problem was the Braves hitting.† This seems to be becoming a trend - one that I don't like.† While there were some hits along the way, only that of Edgar Renteria produced any runs.† KJ and Renteria had two a piece, each having a double and Renteria adding another homerun to his season total.† Willie, Andruw, Thorman and Prado each had a hit a piece, Willie's being a triple.† Orr, Salty and Diaz each took a turn pinch hitting but all failed to produce anything.† In total, six Braves runners were left on base today. On a side note, two Braves were ejected today.† Arguing a foul call in the third, Bobby Cox was ejected for the 130th time in his career, bringing him within one ejection of†John McGraw's record.† Also thrown out was Braves pitcher John Smoltz who voiced his opinion a little too loudly from the dugout.† It is only his third career ejection. Kelly Meter:† 2 for 5 today with a double.† His line is now .281/.388/.494. Final Score: Braves 4, Phillies 6

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