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Chipper Unhappy With Inter-League Schedule

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ESPN.com has an article today about Chipper's dislike for this year's inter-league schedule. Sparked by the schedule of bot the Mets and Braves compared to the rest of their NL East rivals, Chipper who has shown a willingness to take shots at umpires and Major League Baseball did so again in the article.
"I don't think there's any question it's not fair, but I don't think major league baseball is concerned with fair," Jones said before Atlanta's 13-2 loss in Pittsburgh. "If you play the top teams in the American League and everybody else doesn't, it's pretty unfair." While the Braves oppose the Red Sox (6 games), Tigers (3), Twins (3) and Indians (3), and the Mets face the Yankees (6), Tigers (3), Twins (3) and Athletics (3), the other NL East teams look to have less-demanding schedules. The Phillies, for example, play three games each against the losing-record Blue Jays and Royals, plus three each against the White Sox, Indians and Tigers. "Is it fun? Yeah. It's fun playing in new cities. It's fun playing in front of new crowds, it's fun playing new teams," said Jones, who sat out Sunday's game with sore hands from a fall on Friday. "What's not fun is when they're all contenders and your competition doesn't have to play the same competition you do."
What a surprise, another player not happy with inter-league play. While I do enjoy seeing some of the teams in the AL that the Braves don't play for the rest of the season, there are two huge problems with the system. The first is that any inter-league game with the AL team at home already gives the AL an advantage based solely on the fact that the NL team has to use a bench player as the ninth batter and yes, the schedules can be quite uneven, with the Marlins meeting up with the Devil Rays or the Cardinals getting to face the Royals for six easy games. This is yet another thing that baseball fans have to deal with under the nonsensical rule of Bud Selig and his ideas like making the All-Star game count in a big way.

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