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Chop Links: May 1

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I'm officially depressed. Why? Well, Mark Redman is trooping to the mound tonight. All I want to say on the subject is that at least he'll give the offense a lofty goal to aim for. Mark the Braves down as heavy favorites to lose this one. Anyway, let get on to today's Chop Links
  • You know the drill by now -- start of with a shameless plug and this week is no different. This week my THT article is about that other bat and ball sport, no ... not softball, but cricket.
  • Another worthwhile read over at THT is Chris Constancio's look at what may have depressed April run scoring. One word: weather.
  • Braves-Report, one of the newer Braves blogs on the net breaks down the bullpen situation without Wickman and is a worthwhile read.
  • Will Schaffer joins a bunch of other esteemed writers to answer a few questions for you fantasy fans out there
  • Martin Gandy hands out MVP and LVP awards for April. This month's winners? KJ and Langerhans respectively
  • Mac Thomason of Bravesjournal has given his site an overhaul and it now looks in great nick -- take a look
  • JC Bradbury of Sabernomics has an interesting take on the Langerhans deal. He reckons it is a precursor to locking up Andruw. Me? I'm not convinced but JC certainly poses some interesting questions on the matter
  • There's a reasonably interesting read over at AJC on the Braves' farm system. Bottom line on McBride is don't hold your breath.
That is it for today. Will will have tonight's recap for you -- bring your Prozac.

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