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Chop Links: May 12

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It's another Chop Links where we hunt around the information superhighway to bring you the best of the rest. First, a quick word on the Braves. Not even in my wildest dreams did I believe the Braves could rocket off to a 23-12 start. The only bad news is that those pesky Mets are half a game behind us. All pre-season predictions put both us and the Mets as ~85 win teams. Fortune would have to take a decisive turn south for that to happen. Given the way things are shaping up I'd expect both the Braves and the Mets to make the play-offs. The only question is who will win the division? Let's not get too ahead of ourselves. The season is only 1/5 of the way through so there is plenty of baseball still to be played. Enough guff, now on to your chop links:
  • More shameless plugging again! My article last week at the Hardball Times was all about Enhanced Gameday data and why we must still take it with a pinch of salt. For those who don't know EG allows us to do some pretty cool stuff with pitcher data. The Ted is one of only 8 parks with EG so look out for some Smoltz and Hudson analysis soon.
  • John Walsh, also of THT, takes an innovative look at infield defense. The Braves were about average last year. Renteria isn't *that* bad
  • Kevin Goldstein looks at the state of the farm in the NL East. Brandon Jones to keep the Jones boys moniker alive next season?(Subscription required)
  • Fancy playing in a division with the D-Rays, the Bucs and the Reds. It may happen. Okay, it won't but it is fun to speculate.
  • Is LaRoche for Gonzo looking like a great deal for the Braves? You bet. Although Thorman isn't in fifth gear he is hitting better than Adam. Talking chop takes a look.
  • AJC chronicles the sale of the Braves to Liberty. Fingers crossed (or not) all should be done and dusted Wednesday.
That's more than enough for this week. More Chop Links early next week. Happy baseball.

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