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As in every game he's started this season, Chuck James failed to last very long.† He has yet this season to finish more than six innings, and tonight was no different.† In fact, tonight he only made it 3 2/3rds innings.† In that time, he gave up 3 hits, 2 earned runs and 4 walks.† Two of those walks were to 6'10" Padres pitcher Chris Young, whose strikezone must be much like the side of a barn. Villarreal made it an inning and a third, giving up just†1 hit and 1 walk.† An unearned run was scored when SS Chris Woodward (Renteria is out with the flu) made a throwing error to first.† Paronto came in next, looking less than perfect.† He gave up a hit, walked two and hit Padres pitcher Chris Young, who the previous inning nearly took off Andruw's head and proceeded to nail Francouer.† All of this combined to allow the Padres to score an earned run off Paronto; ironically enough it was†scored by Young who Paronto pegged to put on base.† Moylan followed for two innings, giving up two hits and a walk.† Yates finished the game off in the ninth, gave up a hit and struck out a batter.† Paronto's sixth inning aside, the bullpen looked pretty good, especially considering they had to pitch 5 1/3rd innings behind a disappointing James start. The offense, on the other hand, was dead tonight.† The only three hits came off the bats of Willie Harris and Chris Woodward.† Combine that with only two walks in the game, one to Harris and one to McCann, and it's hard to imagine how the Braves even got the two runs they had.† Here's how it happened though:† McCann walked, Francouer was hit by a pitch, Thorman grounded out but scored McCann, and then Woodward hit a triple to score Francouer.† As you can see, the Braves were lucky to get the two runs they got.† In more pleasant news, Willie Harris continued to look terrific tonight.† He had one of the Braves three hits of the night and stole his third base. Kelly Meter:† Now for the bad news...KJ's 11 game hitting streak was broken.† He had an uncharacteristic two-strikeout game.† His line is now .303/.445/.541 (bad night, but still looking great overall). Final Score:† Padres 4, Braves 2 Up for tomorrow night:† Anthony Lerew was finally named late tonight as the starter for tomorrow†to face†Padres pitcher Justin Germano.

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