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Davies Loses Despite Strong Effort

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Kyle Davies had a strong start tonight which unfortunately resulted in a loss.† Through the fourth inning, Davies had only given up two earned runs, both off the bat of Ryan Zimmerman.† However, an error by KJ in the fifth†opened the door for four more earned runs.† Apparently Bobby Cox noted KJ was running out of steam over this past weekend.† There's no way to know if this exhaustion led to tonight's error, but it seems like a reasonable inference.† (Sorry, I'm studying for the bar and phrases like "reasonable inference" manage to find their way into my everyday speech.)† Some might wonder why Cox didn't give KJ a day off, but that would have been hard to do with Chipper out.† Not only were Orr and Woodward being used to fill Chipper's role, but KJ's bat was needed with Chipper out of the lineup.† In hindsight, KJ didn't have the best offense over the past few days, and tonight's error was costly, but then hindsight is always 20/20.† It still would have scared me to have KJ and Chipper out at the same time though. On to the more positive news.† Chipper was back tonight!† He went 1 for 4 and scored a run.† Other hits came off the bats of Renteria, Andruw and Thorman , who were all 2 for 4 tonight.† In addition, Chipper, Renteria and Frenchy each had a double. Lots of postitives tonight for the pitching as well.† Davies ended up with five hits and two earned runs in 4 2/3rds innings.† Paronto, Vilarreal and Wickman came out of the bullpen and were nearly flawless.† Paronto finished off the fifth, getting the final out after walking the first batter he faced.† Vilarreal looked good covering the sixth and seventh innings, giving up no hits and no walks.† Wickman also looked great and convinced me he has come back healthy.† He pitched the eighth and, like Vilarreal, gave up no hits and no walks. So, on a night where both the offense and pitching were good enough for a win, it's hard to stomach a loss.† But, since I like to leave things on a positive note, let's focus on the fact that the offense and pitching should have been good enough for a win under different circumstances.† Davies goes to 1-2 and the Braves go to 25-15. Final Score: Braves 4, Nats 6

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