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Davies Shines on the Mound and at the Plate

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Earlier today, I said that the keys to the Braves getting a win tonight were Kyle Davies having a good night on the mound and the rest of the team showing up at the plate.† Not only did both of those things†happen, but even Davies had a big night at the plate.

Kyle Davies was definitely the star of the game.† He pitched eight innings giving up only six hits, one earned run and two walks.† On top of that, he hit a three-run homerun in the sixth inning, which only added insult to injury for the Mets.

Another big story was the bat of Andruw Jones finally coming to life again.† He went 2 for 3 (one of which was a double)†and walked tonight.††Thankfully there wasn't a strikeout in sight!

Another big hitter tonight was KJ, who went 2 for 5 with a double and a triple.† McCann and Davies each had a pair of hits and†Francouer, Thorman had Harris each contributed one a piece, Thorman's being a homerun.† Strangely silent tonight were the bats of†Renteria and Chipper, but luckily the Braves didn't need them.†

The Braves limited former Brave Jorge Sosa†to a mere four innings.††He†had†given up six hits, five earned runs and three walks before leaving the game.† Mets reliever Aaron Sele didn't fair much better, giving up three hits, three earned runs and two walks in his two innings of work.† Ambiorix Burgos did a good job, giving up only one hit in his two innings of work, but alas it was already too late for the Mets.

Wickman finished off the game for the Braves, giving up two hits in the ninth and posting a strikeout.

Final Score: Braves 8, Mets 1

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