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Gonzalez Feeling Good

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Mike Gonzalez, who was placed on the DL after seeing his velocity drop about 10 mph from one appearance to the next is very encouraged after playing catch before Tuesday's game. Feeling no pain in his session as well as a negative MRI on his left elbow is making Gonzalez, who is still confused as to the cause of the drop in velocity, seemed very optimistic about his arm. What I had thought before still sits true. While many fans were getting incredibly worried about Gonzalez's future, it always seemed like... dead-arm. Let's face it, Gonzalez has proven not to have a rubber arm over his career and with Bobby saying he thought a daily weight training routine was to blame, it just makes it even more plausible. Hopefully he gets back to the point where he can pitch again and takes over for Paronto. That would leave only Oscar Villarreal as a pitcher in the pen with an ERA over four and even he has been much better lately. On a side not, congratulations to† Kelly Johnson, who not only had a big day at the plate on Tuesday but got engaged on Monday night to his girlfriend, Lauren Thacker.
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