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Hudson Does It Again

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I don't think I'll ever get tired of reporting this, but Hudson has had yet another phenomenal start.† I'm beginning to think that we had his evil (less talented) twin last year.† This is the Hudson we were all excited about scoring from Oakland.† He's been consistent and solid. Prior to the fifth inning of tonight's game, Hudson had given up only one walk in the previous 37 innings.† His first walk of the game came in the fifth, followed by the first hit allowed.† Hudson finished after seven innings having given up only three hits and one earned run.† Nearly flawless performance. The offense provided more than enough runs to ensure Hudson of his fifth win of the season, brining his record to 5-1.† A Willie Harris single in the first inning was followed by a Renteria homerun to score the first two runs.† The third inning saw back-to-back-to-back-to-back singles from KJ, Willie, Renteria and Andruw.† Andruw's single scored KJ.† A sacrifice fly by McCann scored Willie.† A Thorman single scored Renteria.† A second Renteria homerun came in the seventh inning to bring the Braves total to 6 runs.† This was Renteria's sixth homerun of the season, and his second multiple-homerun game. The bullpen finished the game off for Hudson.† Gonzo pitched 2/3rds of the eighth inning, giving up a triple and one earned run on a sacrifice fly.† Soriano finished off the eighth and handled the ninth, giving up no hits and striking out one. Kelly Meter:† Looking better at 2 for 5 tonight.† His line is now .280/.405/.476. Final Score: Braves 6, Nats 2

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