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Lerew Heads to DL, Prado Recalled

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After Anthony Lerew admitted last night that he had pitched through arm pain the entire year, there was little doubt that he would go on the DL. Today the Braves made the move, sending the righty to the 15-day disabled list and recalling Martin Prado from triple-A Richmond. Prado is hitting .301 right now for Richmond and seems to have made pretty big strides in his plate discipline this season as is K/BB has normally been around 2:1 for his career but this year is 17:15. Prado had a cup of coffee last year and was in the running for the starting second base job this year. He is basically a completely defensive-minded player. Prado has almost no power and little speed but he should be able to keep up a respectable average of around .260 and play great defense, which is certainly better than we'll see from Pete Orr. I'll have to admit, I was very surprised that Yunel Escobar didn't get the call as he is the superior hitter but I guess this is the organization's stance on Prado. They want to get Yunel regular at-bats but probably see Prado as only a utility man down the road. Now we can all start speculating who will be pitching in Lerew's spot when it comes around though. Bobby made some pretty harsh comments about Redman after the game yesterday, which is something you almost never hear out of Bobby's mouth so he looks like his time in Atlanta is limited. My bet is on Oscar Villarreal, who has been throwing strikes and looked much better his last couple outings.

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