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More chop links: May 27

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There has been a helluva lot going on this week in the Braves and baseball blogosphere. You know the drill by now -- here are some links to the best of the net:
  • Yup, it is the usual Hardball Times plug. My article last week was an interview with Greg Rybarczyk of Hit Tracker fame. For those who don't know, Hit Tracker records the distance of every home run -- it is a simply awesome resource.
  • My second favorite THT article was John Walsh's look at infield defense. David Gassko's column on why teams beat their pythag record was excellent too, though, I suspect a little nerdy for many.
  • Probably the post that created the most ballyhoo on the Braves net this week was Jason Stark's theory on Andruw Jones. Jason calls Andruw the most overrated CF in the game. The stats are interesting but I disagree with the conclusions. I'll post my thoughts on the matter in the next day or so.
  • Another great article was Dan Fox's dissection of Enhanced Gameday over at BPro. (Subscription required)
  • Martin Gandy at Talking Chop has been skulking around the Braves lockers and has a number of cool posts up include a couple of thoughts from Bobby Cox.
I'm depressed. Buddy Carlyle has just given up four in the third inning with one out and men second and third -- yikes. UPDATE: That was all the damage in that inning. The Braves pulled a couple back on a Renteria RBI double in the bottom of the third. After a scoreless fourth Buddy has been pulled in the fifth after giving up a triple. McBride is now pitching. UPDATE II: Right, this is the last update. You can hear the rest via the recap after the game. At the moment the Braves are 6-4 down as the Bravos churn through their bullpen. Villarreal is currently in after Yates gave up a long ball in top of the seventh. He's just has a 1-2-3 eighth. Renteria has been awesome so far this evening driving in every run (including a solo HR) ... if we are to win this we'll need something else. Oh, and KJ has had a couple of hits, Frenchy has drawn a walk and Andruw has had a hit but little more.

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