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Random Braves Bits

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  • I have talked to a couple people who have told me that the Braves announcers mentioned before the game today that the Braves are expected to re-sign Andruw Jones for around $16 million a year sometime soon. I haven't been able to confirm this yet but this could be huge as a sign of Liberty Media's financial commitment to fielding a championship-caliber team.
  • Lance Cormier will likely be called up on Tuesday to start the second game of a double-header against the Marlins. Cormier, who injured his triceps right around the end of spring training was pitching incredibly from the last part of '06 into spring training of this year. Buddy Carlyle will start the first game and then be sent down to make room for Cormier.
  • Chipper Jones was a again held out of the lineup and it is looking more and more likely that he will have to make a DL trip because of his thumbs. The decision will be made after the Brewers series.
  • John Smoltz was forced to leave his start against the Brewers after 3.1 innings. Smoltz winced in pain and shook his hand after getting a single off the end of the bat and Oscar Villareal was forced to come in. This seems like just a pain that he couldn't shake, but nothing that should be a problem for long.

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