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Smoltz Hurt in Braves Loss

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When John Smoltz rolls around in the rotation, we're all ready to put a "W" in the win/loss column even before the game begins.† Unfortunately, even the mighty fall.† Smoltz had to leave in the fourth inning with minor injuries to his shoulder and right pinky finger.† His shoulder discomfort began when he was warming up prior to the bottom of the fourth and the pinky finger injury stems from a dislocation he had earlier in the month.† My first reaction was sheer panic at the idea that he might miss some starts.† However, he threw some before today's game and is set to make his next start on Sunday at Wrigley Field.† Now that the good news about Smoltz's recovery is out of the way, I have to share the bad news.† The Braves dropped yet another game to the Brewers last night after Smoltz's exit.† When Smoltz left the game, it was tied 3-3.† KJ had hit a single, Willie Harris followed with his first homerun in the Big Show, Renteria doubled and was then hit in by Andruw.† The Brewers tied it up with a run in the second and two in the third.† Each team ended up with 15 hits a piece and and went through six pitchers each.† Unforunately, the Brewers pulled out a 5-4 win. Willie, Andruw and Francouer came up with three hits a piece, KJ had two and Renteria, Smoltz, McCann and Woodward each had a hit a piece.† It was a good night offensively, and most nights it would have been enough, but last night it was not.† I can't really point to any one thing that went wrong,†aside from McCann's error on a wild†throw to get an out at second, which†ended up allowing a run to score.††Without that run, who knows.† You can't put the whole game on his shoulders though. As for pitching, Smoltz went 3 1/3rd innings and gave up eight hits and three earned runs while racking up five strikeouts.† He gave up a two-run homer to Prince Fielder in the third, shortly before he had to leave the game due to his injuries.† As stated previously, he left the game with it tied 3-3.† Vilarreal saw 1†2/3rds innings and gave up only a hit and a walk.††I honesly thought he should have stayed in longer.† Anyhow, next up was Peter Moylan who went only 1/3rd of an inning and†gave up†three hits and 2 runs (only one earned).† McBride saw 1 1/3rd innings and gave up two hits while getting two strikeouts.† Paronto came in for a 1/3rd of an inning and Buddy Carlyle pitched the final inning, giving up a hit and getting a strikeout.†

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